• Hamboards Benelux

    The closest thing to surfing on land coming at you from Huntington Beach, CA. Stop by the shop to see where it all happens.


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  • The Pinger

    Hamboard’s newest mid-size model, “The Pinger” is available to all open minded surf frothing addicts who carve driving turns.

    “Ping” yourself over to the Hambaords store and see what they are all about.

  • Feeling like ripping off a turn?

    We know you do!  Nothing scratches that itch like a Hamboard Bamboo Fish.  Fresh, never frozen, wild caught, free range, all natural, delivered to your door.

  • Hamboards made for the classic style of riding, coming at you in all shapes and sizes. Find out which Hamboard is perfect for you at our board shop.

  • The Street Sweeper™

    Experience the closest thing to Stand Up Paddling on land, using Hamboard’s new Street Sweeper™.  It’s a full-body work out that keeps you smiling and shredded.

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