Hamboards Stand Up Paddle


Get your Street Sweeper, Stand Up Paddle you Classic, Pinger or Fish and double the fun!




The next big thinkg. We wonder however if it will become an official Olympic discipline…(and yes, we cleaned up the mess)


This is how we do it

Nose riding the Classic is a challange. Watch this clip that shows you how it’s done. Do it…film it…send it….and the nicest nose ride clips will be rewarded with a free Hamboards t-shirt (while supply lasts).



Hamboards & Hooves.


Our boards were not particularly designed for use with animals…but you know what…who cares! Just do your thing and have fun


The Biscuit

The Biscuit is the prefect dry land trainer for surf groms.


Lombard ‘street surfing’

It was just a matter of time before Gus did the famous Lombard street ride, but then on a Classic .


Must be in the genes

No wonder she’s riding the Classic that relaxed. If your last name is Hamborg, it must be in the genes.


The Fish.


The Fish was our second model and comes pretty close to the original fish tail shaped surfboards they were inspired on.


San Francisco… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Forget about that. All you need is a Classic to make a good impression in the city by the bay


Throwback Thursday

Our very fist model was the Classic. It was 100% landsurfing…and it still is! The Classic hasn’t changed…the boys have.


Biscuit shredding

The Biscuit is excellent to shred with through narrow streets. With or without shoes.


Landsurfing optima forma.

The Classic gives you a 100% surfy feeling. On flatland or in the river bed.


The Pinger.

Do you like carving, pumping, cross stepping or shredding a river bank? Than the Pinger is yours! The Pinger is the ultimate crossover  



The Pescadito

The Pescadito is the Porsche under the Hamboards. Sharp turns, high speeds…it’s all possible with the Pescadito. Available with a painted or a bamboo deck