Green Classic (limited edition, ordered in Huntington Beach by request only)

Green Classic (limited edition, ordered in Huntington Beach by request only)

THE GREEN CLASSIC™ at 198 x 38 cm dimensionally, delivers a longboard feel that no other skateboard accomplishes, providing the full surfing experience in a surprisingly maneuverable retro-style nose rider. Only minimal effort releases the Classic’s natural flowing urge to roll, allowing it to sustain momentum better than any other longboard.


The width and length of the Classic were designed by San Onofre-frequenting surfers. Universal in its appeal, the Classic intrinsically connects with the essence of the surfing soul, and caters to those who wish to control and manipulate every section of the wave into a carving turn and nose ride. The style-oriented rider seeking ultimate pleasure in the pocket will truly find a soulmate in the Classic.

The Green Classic™ comes complete with wheels, trucks and bearings and is hand masked and painted by Craftsmen 15 miles from the Hamboards shop in Huntington Beach.


Size: 198 x 38 cm (L x W)
Deck Surface: 
Ultra Violet Light cured, clear grip surface
ABEC 11’s top of the line 97mm Flywheels.
Original’s state of the art torsion truck the S8.
BILTIN Abec 7 bearings.
Weight Limit: We haven’t found one! We have riders up to 150 kgs. shredding our boards.

Check out this video to get a better idea of how the Classic™ rides